Biowest is based in the west of Ireland and was formed in 2011 after fifteen years experience in the waste water business. The objectives are to provide high quality environmental products.

We provide alternative low cost solutions to environmental issues. We focus on the supply of unique biological treatment solutions for pollution control at home and abroad. Tailored solutions are formulated for the domestic and industrial markets. Biowest has aslo been very successful in developing solutions to bio-degrade waste-waters in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Our products have treated a wide range of plant sizes and waste types. This involves feasibility tests both in-house and also in the individual plants.

All our microbiological products are grown and manufactured in Ireland.

Biowest employs the technical expertise of experienced scientists, working with major universities. This enables the us to provide comprehensive site reports detailing the design, implementation and management of treatment programmes for wastewater plants. Our iological degreasing products are approved by Dublin City Council for use in grease traps.

Biowest is the sole agent in Ireland for the supply of the “Grease Guzzler” mini bio reactor for growing bacteria to treat grease in grease traps and lift stations.