A list of some of our environmental cleaning products and corresponding data sheets. If you cannot find what you need here, please contact us.

Acti PlusGreen CleaningOrganic low Ph cleaner sanitizer
Bio ActivatorWastewaterEnhances Plant Operation, settlement, and BOD removal A Concentrated blend of liquid nutrients
Bio DegreaserGreen CleaningTreatment for Grease Traps and Drain Lines
Bio Gel SockGreen CleaningFor oil water separators
Bio KGreen CleaningRemoves all types of organics from kitchen drains
Bio NutrientWastewaterConcentrated bacterial blend of nutrients
Bio Odour ControlWastewaterA blend of natural cleaning agents
Bio Treat AALWastewaterFor Hard COD and Long hydrocarbon Breakdown
Bio Treat ABWastewaterEnhances Plant operation, settlement, and BOD removal
Bio Treat BFWastewaterFor Bio Filter Seeding
Bio Treat DeniteWastewaterEnhances Nitrate Removal
Bio Treat GFWastewaterBiologically Digests Grease and Fats
Bio Treat NRWastewaterBiologically Removes Ammonia and Nitrite
Chlorine TabletsGreen CleaningChlorine Tablets
Eco SanGreen CleaningApproved Industrial Strength Sanitizer
Eco SepticGreen CleaningKeeping Septic Tanks Trouble Free
Grease GuzzlerWastewaterDigests grease, oils and animal fats using naturally occurring micro-organisms
MC 200WastewaterAutomated bacterial dosing
Microfibre ClothsGreen CleaningBio Light Microfibre Cloth
Odour FreeGreen CleaningPortable toilet odour reducer
Oil FreeGreen CleaningRemoves Oil & Grease from all surfaces
PD 500WastewaterPowerful grease & heavy oil remover used for the immediate breakdown of solid grease in lift stations

You will need a PDF reader to view the data files above.